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Jollxhi Shala, Deputy Minister for Communities and Returns, was born on 21.04.1974 in Prizren. Finished Faculty of Law, Public University "Hoti", in Prizren.

In public life since 1999, before joining  politics, he has been engaged in all the activities that are related to the integration of Roma in the Republic of Kosovo and the region. He was a member of several non-governmental organizations of the Roma community, as well as parts of some programs for Roma inclusion in the process of integration in Kosovo society and preservation of tradition, language, and culture. As civil society has cooperated with Kosovo's state institutions regarding the return of displaced persons from the region as well as from European countries.
As members of the Forum of Roma in  Kosovo until 2007, he contributed to educational projects for Roma children, in order to integrate as soon as possible  them in Kosovo society.

He has been an active member in the last campaign of the parliamentary elections in the Republic  Kosovo, where he has introduced the  values  of the new Roma Party KNRP .

Deputy Minister Shala is fluent in the languages Roma, Albanian, Serbian and Turkish.


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