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Pristina, October 15, 2020

A total of seven more houses in the municipalities of Obilic and Gracanica are ready to be moved in by internally displaced and returnee families, for whom housing units are intended. For the houses that were built for two families in the municipality of Obilić and for five families in the municipality of Gračanica, a technical acceptance was performed. The members of the families to whom the houses were built, point out that the new houses mean security for them and the belief that there is a better time ahead of them because everything that was promised a long time ago has finally been fulfilled.

The Djordjevic couple with a small child was given a chance to build a safer future upon their return to Kosovo. Some of them lived in old and dilapidated houses for years, with several members in only one room. In addition to endless gratitude, the Djordjevics point out that they can now plan to expand their family. Gratitude was also present from other families for whom the houses were built, who note that the Ministry of Communities and Returns and Minister Dalibor Jevtić personally help the displaced a lot and try to provide decent living conditions. Families for whom houses have been built will also receive incentive funds for the purpose of self-employment and earning their own income for life.

“Every successfully completed story is an additional motive for me personally and for the institution I lead to fight harder to have as many satisfied families as possible.” We have the huge support of the European Union Office in Kosovo for this task, and I am very grateful to them for that. I wish all the luck in the new homes to the families whose houses have been technically accepted “, says Minister Dalibor Jevtić.

Today’s technical reception of houses, in addition to officials from the Ministry of Communities and Returns, was attended by municipal authorities and representatives of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which is a partner in the fifth phase of the project “Return and Reintegration in Kosovo”. Built.

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