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Prishtina, October 23, 2020

The Ministry of Communities and Returns delivered 1,568 kg of winter food and basic necessities to 16 vulnerable families. Beneficiaries of this significant assistance are returnees and internally displaced persons in isolated areas, the elderly, large families, the unemployed and persons at risk from society from Fushë Kosova, Obiliq, Graçanica, Klina, Novo Brdo and Ranilug. At a time of a brutal coronavirus pandemic that unfortunately has no end on the horizon, many returnees and internally displaced persons are facing existential problems.

Sanja from Gjilan / Gnjilane with her husband Goran, who moved from Doljak near Vushtrri  has four young children with income from her husband's seasonal work. Sanja says that thanks to this help, they are happy to welcome winter. Grandmother Milanka recently returned alone to her village near Klina in the hope that someone would help her rebuild her burned and destroyed house. She lives in someone else's abandoned house until that happens. There, she says, she buried her husband, her murdered son, while the other was abducted, but the two remaining boys and their families are finding it difficult to live outside and eagerly waiting for them to return and rebuild abandoned property. This assistance has reached eight large returnee Roma families struggling to survive. There are fewer and fewer seasonal jobs and that is why this help means life to them, they say. They recall that the Minister for Communities and Returns, Dalibor Jevtić, also helped pay off arrears and thus prevented their eviction.

Since the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Communities and Returns has independently and with its partners distributed approximately 900 food and hygiene assistance packages, which have directly benefited more than 3,500 returnee and family members of non-majority communities in Kosovo.

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Pristina, October 22, 2020

That providing adequate living conditions for returnees and internally displaced persons is the primary goal, the Ministry of Communities and Returns shows by these days working intensively on equipping newly built houses with furniture and white goods.

This time, 14 Serb and Roma internally displaced and returnee families in Gracanica and Obilic received new furniture, white goods and food and hygiene packages for a total of 74 of their members.

Adviser to the Minister for Communities and Returns, Miloš Stanković, during today's delivery of this significant assistance to four households in Gračanica, pointed out that the Ministry and Minister Dalibor Jevtić know well what challenges returnees and internally displaced persons face and that is why we try to move in as soon as possible. displaced and returnees to new homes.

The construction and equipping of 14 houses for displaced persons and returnees in the municipalities of Gracanica and Obilic was carried out as part of the fifth phase of the "Return and Reintegration in Kosovo" program, funded by the European Union Office and the Ministry of Communities and Returns and implemented by the International Organization for Migration. This program will build 101 houses for returnees and internally displaced persons by the end of the year.  

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