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Pristina, October 8, 2020

After the completion of the construction of houses, the Ministry of Communities and Returns successfully delivered household appliances, white goods and furniture for 14 families of returnees and displaced Serbs, Roma and Ashkali from the municipalities of Gracanica, Fushë Kosovë and Prizren. Thanks to this type of assistance from the ministry, two Roma, one Ashkali and 11 Serb families with a total of 66 members are able to continue living in new and equipped houses.

Returnees and displaced persons from Gušterica, Gračanica, Bogoševac, Novak (Prizren) and Kosova Polje expressed their great satisfaction and gratitude for, as they say, "complete equipping of their new houses, which in their own direction would not be possible in any case." They say that this is a real example of how to take care of those who have a sincere desire to return and live in Kosovo, but cannot provide it themselves.

"The Ministry of Communities and Returns is fighting frantically so that in difficult social, political and economic circumstances, there is no delay in the return of displaced persons, but also in providing support to those who see their future in Kosovo," said Minister Dalibor Jevtic.

The construction and equipping of 14 houses for displaced persons and returnees in the municipalities of Gracanica, Fushë Kosovë and Prizren was carried out as part of the fifth phase of the Return and Reintegration in Kosovo program, funded by the European Union Office and the Ministry of Communities and Returns in partnership with the International Organization for Migration. (IOM). Since the beginning of the year, the ministry has helped 75 families in the same way through this program.

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