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Representatives of the Ministry visited the families of Pavilion “E” in Pristina who are threatened with eviction

Pristina, November 23, 2020

“I have nowhere to go from here. We have been living here since 1973 in apartments provided to us by the Student Center of the University of Prishtina and the Municipality of Prishtina for permanent use, as evidenced by this documentation. That is why my neighbors and I will not leave our apartments without a permanent solution for us “, says 87-year-old Leposava Stojanović, a resident of Pavilion” E “, which is located across from the Library in Prishtina, where according to the urban plan the city should build a large parking lot. Business space.

Vremešna Leposava lives here in very bad conditions with 14 other neighboring families, including Albanians, and together, as he says, they represent one harmonious family. Her neighbor Sami Kika, the president of the tenants, says that Leposava is his sister and mother, and he begs the Ministry of Communities and Returns and Minister Dalibor Jevtic to personally advocate for solving their problem because they are already threatened with forced eviction on December 1.

Today, associates of Minister Jevtić informed the anxious residents of this pavilion that the ministry, in accordance with its mandate, will consider all possibilities of finding the most favorable solution for all, and in that sense they expect the support of the city authorities.

“We are already in contact with the mayor of Pristina, Shpend Ahmeti, with whom we are discussing the best solutions to this problem, and we hope that in the end we will all come out of this uncertain situation somewhat satisfied,” Minister Jevtic’s associates told residents threatened with eviction.

In the coming days, the representatives of the Ministry of Communities and Returns will be intensively engaged in providing all the necessary support and assistance to the residents of the mentioned pavilion, in the vicinity of which the works on clearing the terrain have already begun.

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Four Roma families in Gracanica will soon get a roof over their heads

November 20, 2020. 79
The Ministry of Communities and Returns will build two two-story houses for four Roma families in Gracanica who returned to Kosovo in 2017 from northern Macedonia. The municipality of Gracanica has issued the necessary building permits, so the construction of the same is expected soon, says the information officer from the relevant ministry, Uros Staletovic.

After 18 years of displacement in the Skopje settlement of Suto Orizari, Zijadin Krujeziu decided to return to Kosovo with his family. The family of eight has been living in a rented house in a Roma neighborhood in Gracanica since 2017. Since they are without income, accommodation and utilities for this family are paid for by the Ministry of Communities and Returns.

"It's hard to live, none of us has a job, if it weren't for the Ministry to help us, I don't know how we would live," says Zijadin.

He says that he has had to change accommodation several times so far and that his family would be on the streets today if the Ministry of Returns and Communities did not regularly pay their bills for rent and utilities.

"The ministry helped us a lot, they have been paying us a rent of 100 euros for this house where we are now for three years. In addition, they pay us for electricity, because we have nowhere to pay for it. We don't even have health or social insurance, and whenever we go to the doctor, we have to pay everything, "says Krujeziu, who shares the house with his older son, daughter-in-law and their four children.

Nermina Selihi also likes the new house, she is 12 years old, she is in the sixth grade and she says that she will finally have her own room which she is ready to share with her two younger sisters, while the two younger brothers will have their own corner.

Almir Salihi returned from Macedonia in November 2017 and, as he says, submitted a request to the Ministry for return.

"Thank God, but also to the Ministry and the municipality of Gracanica, we waited for our house to be built. We have no income, the Ministry pays our rent and utilities. This is someone else's house, and the owner is not there ", Salihi explains his situation.

This family has 14 members.

"Thank you to the Ministry for understanding our suffering and helping us, because who will pay your rent, electricity, water today," he says.

Fatima Kurzoli could not hold back her tears when officials from the Ministry of Returns and Communities told her that the Municipality of Gracanica had approved a building permit and that she would soon receive a house.

"I am crying with happiness, I did not believe that this would be, thank you all, both the Ministry and the municipality and the UNHCR."

Two two-storey houses will be built for four Roma families from Gracanica, which is estimated to be sufficient for their needs.

The Ministry of Communities and Returns has made a decision to permanently take care of the families of Roma, Egyptians and Ashkali, who returned to Kosovo in 2017 from Northern Macedonia and Montenegro, says the information officer of this ministry, Uros Staletovic.

"Four Roma families will get houses through RRK - 5 projects. "Their houses will be fully equipped, and they will be allocated funds for their economic empowerment," said Staletović.

In 2017, 51 families of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians returned to Kosovo, and the Ministry of Returns and Communities will make sure that they are taken care of permanently.

The EU RRC-5 project is being implemented by the Ministry of Communities and Returns together with the European Union Office in Kosovo in cooperation with local governments.

Published in Vesti
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