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Osojane, Dragoljevac, Dobruša and Kašica in the municipality of Istok received street lighting

Pristina, September 29, 2020

In order to create better living conditions in the villages of Osojane, Dragoljevac, Dobruša and Kašica in the municipality of Istok, a street lighting project was implemented. The project was implemented as part of the fifth phase of the program "Return and Reintegration in Kosovo" by the Ministry of Communities and Returns and the European Union Office in Kosovo. Residents of the mentioned villages from the Serbian, Albanian, Roma, Bosniak and Egyptian communities benefit from the realization.

In these villages, the return process is not completed and that is why the public lighting project is of great importance for all locals because it provides normal living and working conditions. It is expected that public lighting in returnee areas will significantly improve the safety and security of all residents of the mentioned villages in the evening.

Milos Stankovic, advisor to the Minister for Returns, attended the technical reception of the project and on that occasion reiterated in front of the gathered locals that a better life for returnees will always be the main priority of the Ministry for Communities and Returns and Minister Dalibor Jevtic personally.

The length of street lighting in the village of Osojane is 1500, Dobruša about 200, Dragoljevac 1200 meters, while in the village of Kašica 30 LED lamps were installed. The implementation of the public lighting project was successfully completed within the deadline by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

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