Department of Policy Planning and Analysis




1. Duties and responsibilities of the Department of Policy Planning and Analysis:
1.1.Propozon, designs and monitors the implementation of policies of the MCR community support;
1.2. Help and advice in determining and setting the strategic priorities of the Ministry in accordance with government priorities;
1.3. Designs and planning policy documents for MCR, strategies and action plans and monitor their implementation;
1.4. Creates the conditions for building trust between communities, developing inter-ethnic dialogue on integration policies dealing with communities and returnees;
1.5. Develop a strategy of cooperation with civil society with the aim of integrating all communities, building trust between them and raising awareness;
1.6. Central data base manages to return;
1.7. Proposes and designs for community economic development projects;
1.8. Provides support in coordinating the process of European integration.

2. Head of Department of Policy Planning and Analysis reports to the General Secretary.

3. Within this department includes the following divisions:
3.1. Division of Policy Planning;
3.2. Division of Disadvantaged Communities; and
3.3. Division for European Integration and Policy Coordination.






Policy Planning Division

1. Duties and responsibilities of the Division of Policy Planning:
1.1. Propose and formulate policies for the MRC;
1.2. Manages central data base regarding the return and communities;
1.3. Assist in the preparation of concept papers for legislation.

2. Head of Policy Planning Division reports to the Head of the Department of Policy Planning and Analysis.


Division of Disadvantaged Communities

1. Duties and responsibilities of the Division of Disadvantaged Communities are:
1.1. Addresses issues related to disadvantaged communities, as well as coordinates and provides unification of RAE community policies with other institutions, international partners and non-governmental organizations;
1.2. Ensure the implementation of the recommendations of the Decade of RAE Community involvement;
1.3. Propose and develop policies conducive to economic stability disadvantaged communities;
1.4. Take the necessary measures, in cooperation with relevant institutions in the implementation of health rights, educational, cultural and disadvantaged communities.

2. Head of Division for Disadvantaged Communities reporting to the Head of Department.

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