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Pristina, 13 August 2020

"Who blurred Pećka Bistrica near Gorazdevac with the blood of innocently killed children?! Only a man with a darkened mind could shoot at Serbian children from an ambush while they were playing and swimming in the river. That is why the murder of innocent children who have not yet stepped into life is a monstrous crime that must not go unpunished" said Minister for Communities and Return Dalibor Jevtic, on the occasion of the anniversary of one of the greatest crimes against Serbs in Kosovo in 2003 in Gorazdevac near Peja.

Minister Jevtić reiterated the position that every crime bears the name and surname of the perpetrator and that it is sad and devastating that for the murder of twelve-year-old Pantelija Dakić and nineteen-year-old Ivan Jovović, as well as the severe wounding of Đorđe Ugrenović (20), Bogdan Bukumirić 14), Marko Bogićević (12), Dragana Srbljak (13), no one answered even after 17 years.

"Apart from those who fired 78 bullets at a Serb nephew on the Bistirica River on that August day, there is a great responsibility on those who do nothing to shed light on the crimes." That is why we continue to remind and warn that a crime like this in Gorazdevac, but also the one in Staro Gracko, Obilic, Livadice near Podujevo, Cernica near Gjilan, the riots on March 17, but also all other crimes in which innocent victims were Kosovo Serbs, must be solved. for the sake of truth, justice and a more prosperous common future in Kosovo. "

That is why we continue to appeal to the representatives of the international community, who then guaranteed security and peace to everyone, but also to the institutions in Kosovo, to do more to adequately punish the perpetrators of Sundays against innocent people, because justice in Kosovo must be available to all an can not

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