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Economic empowerment of internally displaced persons and returnees

Pristina, 27/08/2020

In its efforts to enable the sustainable return and integration of displaced persons, internally displaced persons and refugees from Kosovo, the Ministry for Communities and Return, together with its partners from the European Union, encourages the economic empowerment of these families.  Starting your own business with incentives from the Ministry for Communities and Return and the European Union Office in Kosovo is one of the ways in which returnees and internally displaced persons are provided with socio-economic stabilization and subsistence.

 To that end, today, the representatives of the Ministry for Communities and Return handed over six motor cultivators with attachments to internally displaced persons in the municipality of Obilić, two in Đakovica and three in Klina.

 In the previous period, the Ministry for Communities and Return built houses for these families as part of the "Return and Integration in Kosovo" project.

 During the handover, some of the satisfied users said with words of gratitude that after receiving a roof over their heads, they can now use this grant to cultivate the land and create a livelihood for themselves.

 The family of Veličko Gašić from Klina owns several hectares of agricultural land that they cultivated before the displacement.  After returning to their hearth, the Gasic family lived from growing and selling wheat, corn and vegetables.  This family will no longer spend the hard-earned income on renting agricultural machinery, because they got what they needed most.

 Without economic stability, there is no survival, and without the survival of those living in Kosovo, the return process becomes meaningless.  That is why we strive to support those who see their future in Kosovo in this way.

 The Ministry for Communities and Return also expresses its full gratitude to the Office of the European Union in Kosovo for supporting us in important projects and to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) which implements these projects.


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