Pursuant to Kosovo Government Decree no. 05/2020 of 19 February 2020, the Ministry for Communities and Return has the following competencies:

  1. Preparespublic  policies,  draftslegal  acts,  adoptssublegal  actsand definesmandatory  standards  in the  field  of  promoting  and  protecting  the  rights  of communities and their members, including the right to return, in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo;
  2. Promotes and implements legislation to promote and protect the rights of communities and their members, including the right to return;
  3. Promotes  the  creation  of  appropriate  conditions  for return   and   provides   a   rights-based   approach   to return;
  4. Provides   leadership   in   confidence   building,   in activities  for  dialogue  and  reconciliation  between communities,and  supports  implementation  of  these activities;
  5. Develops   and   oversees   the   implementation   of   a government assistance strategy targeting communities   and   supports   the   development   and implementation of these strategies in all municipalities;
  6. Develops  or  manages  programs  and  mechanisms  to help  the  integration  on  an  equal  conditions  of  allcommunities and their members currently residing in the  Republic  of  Kosovo,  as  well  as  to  ensure  the sustainable  return  of  internally  displaced  persons and refugees;
  7. Ensures  that  policies  at  central  and  municipal  level include provisions for the protection of the rights of communities and the interests of returnees, including the areas of freedom of movement, use of languages, freedom   of   expression,   equitable   representation, education,  employment  and  equal  access  to  justice, housing and public servicesand utilities;
  8. Makes  recommendations  and  coordinates  activities with  ministries,  municipalities  and  other  authorities concerning the promotionand   protectionof the rights   and   interests   of   communities   and   their members, including the right to return;
  9. Supports  the  activities  of  municipalities  in  dealing with issues of communities and returns, ensuring the sustainable  return  of  internally  displaced  persons and refugees,including the work of commissions for mediation, commissions for communities, Municipal Commission on Return, Central Review Commission, municipal offices for communities and the  development  and  implementation  of municipal strategies for return;
  10. Reviews  and  provides  assistance  to  other  ministries regarding  existing  procedures  and  activities,  as  well as  proposed  policies  and  draft  laws,  to  ensure  full respect  forrights  and  interests  of  communities  and their  members  and  internally  displaced  persons  and refugees  in  accordance  with  the  legislative  acts  of the  institutions  of  the  Republic  of  Kosovo  and  the regulations     of     municipalities     with     important international  standards  and  with  the  provisions  of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo;
  11. Coordinates    work    (activities)    with    ministries, municipalities and other authorities in order to find a sustainable  solution  for  internally  displaced  persons and    refugees    and    the    humanitarian    needs    of communities and their members;
  12. Coordinates  with  relevant  ministries,  municipalities and   other   institutions   the   implementation   of   a strategy for  community rights in order to  ensure the promotion  and  protection  of  the  rights  of  members of all communities, internally displaced persons and refugees,  paying  particular  attention  to  the  needs  of women,  children,  the  elderly  and  other  vulnerable groups;
  13. Oversees  and  supports  the  operational  framework for return to ensure an approach that is supported or based  on  rights  and  that  responds  to  the  needs  of internally   displaced   persons   and   refugees,and cooperates with other ministries, agencies, international mechanisms  and  various  NGOs  during this process;
  14. Assists  in  the  development  and  implementation  of measures in the field of public information and other promotional   projects   to   raise   public   awareness concerning  the  rights  and  interests  of  communities and their members, including the right to return,and
  15. Performs   other   duties   assigned   to   the   Ministry according to the relevant legislation in force.
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