000 missionM I S S I O N

We create the conditions for sustainable return, protection, integration and development of communities by building mutual trust and giving equal opportunity to all communities living in Kosovo, through their continued institutional presence and effective services, taking into account international standards and best practices.

We create good treatment, a comfortable environment, equitable economic development and community stability, and through partnerships with key factors, we contribute to improving the quality of life and meeting the needs of all internally displaced persons and returnees.


000 visionV I S I O N

Creating long-term and lasting solutions for all communities in Kosovo, with full respect for all guaranteed individual and collective rights of communities.

Kosovo in which every internally displaced person is returned to his or her own hearth and whose life is guaranteed without concern for safety and / or security. A life where rights and opportunities are equal for all.

Our vision is to make life easier by jointly managing it and building a mutually trusting, stable and unbreakable democratic society, because selfless help for the survival, survival and life of all peoples is our most humane call to the future.


000 goalsS T R A T E G I C     G O A L S

FIRST GOAL:   Return of displaced persons to Kosovo and their reintegration 
  • Construction of houses for returnees.
  • Construction of residential and other collective housing facilities.
  • Construction of schools and health centers in returnees.
  • Enabling the enforcement of applicable laws regarding the institutional protection of non-majority communities with respect for all individual and collective rights such as:
    • the right to use the official language and the official letter,
    • the right to guaranteed representation (of 10%) in public institutions and enterprises in Kosovo,
    • the right to the protection of private property and the return of usurped property,
    • the right to possess personal documents, etc.


SECOND OBJECTIVE:   Stabilizing communities
  • Construction of roads,
  • Construction of sports facilities,
  • Construction of water supply system and sewage system,
  • Building other necessary infrastructure for a life worthy of man in the 21st century,
  • Providing financial resources to start a business that will generate income for returnees,
  • Provision of agricultural and other returnee machines in rural areas.


OBJECTIVE 3:   Closure of collective centers in Kosovo
  • Closure of collective centers in the municipality of Shtërpcë/Štrpce,
  • Closure of collective centers in the municipality of Graçanica/Gracanica,
  • Closure of collective centers in the municipality of Zveçan/Zvecan,
  • Closure of collective centers in the municipality of Leposaviç/Leposavic.

This strategic goal will be achieved through the construction of residential buildings and the relocation of internally displaced persons from collective centers in Kosovo to the aforementioned residential buildings.


OBJECTIVE 4:  Institutional protection of the rights of non-majority communities through implementation of existing legislation and initiatives
  • Developing a Community and Return Strategy,
  • Elaboration of the Law on Internally Displaced Persons and Returnees for the Effective, Sustainable and Long-Term Legal Protection and Exercise of the Right of Return,
  • Continuation of interinstitutional cooperation and initiative to address all issues that are a prerequisite for the return of displaced persons and their effective reintegration,
  • Continuation of regional cooperation in the return process with the aim of enhancing the initiative for regional cooperation for the return of displaced persons to Kosovo from Serbia, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia,
  • Continued support and assistance to returnees and communities, practically and institutionally.



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