Project Management and Monitoring Department





1. Duties and responsibilities of the Department of Management and Monitoring Project:
1.1. Manages projects related to communities and return;
1.2. Ensures projects developed by the Department of Policy Planning and Analysis;
1.3. Coordination of humanitarian
assistance in meeting the standards set for the return and stabilize communities;
1.4. Help and advice in determining and setting strategic priorities MCR in accordance with government priorities;
1.5. Coordinate activities related to applicants and cooperation with NGOs and the project implementing partners;
1.6. Assessing the impact of MCR projects;
1.7. Management and monitoring of projects and from the beginning to the end;
1.8. Take adequate measures in order to develop economic sustainability by supporting the economic development of small and family violence;
1.9.Monitor the works and
documentation of project payments from the scope of the MCR;
1.10. Provides support in designing the invitations for expressions of interest in the development of specifications for projects and manages contracted projects;

2. Head of Project Management and Monitoring Department reports to the General Secretary.

3. Within this department includes the following divisions:
3.1. Division of Returns and Communities;
3.2. Projects Division.






Division of Communities and Return

1. Duties and responsibilities of the Division of Communities and Returns:
1.1. Implement all field operational issues relating to the return and communities;
1.2. Cooperate with the Municipal Offices for Communities and Returns, with civil society (NGOs) and international organizations regarding the implementation of projects;
1.3. Forward implementation of the return and integration of communities and contributes to building mutual confidence and awareness raising;
1.4. Manages the database for Return and Integration of;
1.5. Monitors meet the criteria for Returns and Communities, provided by MCR Return Strategy and manual return.

2. Head of the Division of Communities and Returns reports to the Head of Project Management and Monitoring Department.


Projects Division

1. Duties and responsibilities of Project Management and Monitoring Division:
1.1. Division is responsible for the entire project cycle - except for public procurement procedures (ie in addition to selection procedures and technical);
1.2. Provides support in the preparation and completion of necessary documentation for tenders, supervise the work and payment documentation renovation projects or construction of
buildings and other infrastructure projects according to technical standards in force;
1.3. Coordinate the work between the perpetrators and MCR;
1.4. Prepare reports on the activities carried out.

2. Head of Projects Division reports to the Head of Project Management and Monitoring Department.

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