Mission and vision

Ministry for Communities and Return will:

  • Develop guidance and promote as well implement legislation for promotion and protection of communities and their member rights, including right on return compatible with chapters 3 and 4 of Constitutional Framework,
  • Promoting creation of conditions for return and assure approach return who is based on right for return,
  • Rendering leadership on activities building confidence, dialogue and reconciliation between communities, as well supporting implementations of those activities,
  • Promoting and  observing implementation of Government strategy for reaching links on communities as well return and supporting development and implementation of those strategies at those communities,
  • Promoting or heading with programs and mechanism for achieving equal integration  to all communities and their members who’s currently lives in Kosovo, as well assuring sustainable return of displaced refuges,
  • Assuring that policy on Central as well Municipal level contains dispositions for protection of communities right , Human rights and interest of returnee, including  fields of free movement, language usage, freedom of expression, equal representation, education, employment and equal approach to jurisdiction, residential settlement, Local services and functions,
  • Recommendations and co-ordinations as well following activities of Ministry , Municipalities and other organs toward to promotion as well protection of rights and interest of communities as well their members , including rights on return and also according to the needs due to authorization of Prime Minister envisage practice, archives and documents of those organs,
  • Following and supporting temptations of Municipalities for resolving communities issues and returns, including chamber labor for intercession , community chamber, Municipal offices for communities , and promotion and implementation of municipal strategy for return,
  • Considering and giving support to other Ministries toward to current proceeding at practice as well recommended guidance and law drafts , how will assure that rights and interest of communities and their members as well displaced persons be fully respected and that legislations provisions PIS and Municipal Regulations be compatible with relevant international Standards and containing articles at Constitutional Framework,
  • Co-ordinating with Ministries, Municipalities and other organs reaction development on displaced as well other humanitarian nedds of communities and their members,
  • Co-ordinating with other ministries, Municipalities as well other organs Human right strategyc implementation toward assurance that communities member rights, displaced persons and returnee be promoted and respected , with speciall overlook at nedds of female, children old people and other jeopardised groups,
  • Following and rendering support to operative framework for return because of assurance approaches based on rights, whos respond to the needs of displaced persons, and working with other Ministries, agencies and NVO at this process,
  • Following harmonization of legislative acts and directions of other ministries as well local organs with Kosovo standards and standard implementation plan, and resume leadership at activity and plan implementation assing from government to Ministries,
  • Providing support at development and measure implementation from fields of public information and other promoted projects for rising public consies on rights and interest of communities as well their members, including right on return,
  • Exert other duties defined on valid laws. 
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Republic of Kosovo
Ministry for community and return

Mother Theresa Square
Fushë Kosovë
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