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Today, 16 years ago, there was an ethnically motivated persecution of Serbs in Kosovo. In the March 2004 three-day pogrom, 19 people were killed, including eight Serbs and 11 Albanians, over 900 homes burned and destroyed, about 4,000 Serbs expelled from their homes, 39 Serbian Orthodox Church shrines and monasteries burned, among them which represent the world cultural heritage and are protected by UNESCO.

“Today, 16 years after the March pogroms and violence against Serbs, we still ask the simple question, how was it possible for centuries to disappear in the presence of the international community in the 21st century in just 72 hours? Since that fatal day, which every Serb still reluctantly remembers, no serious investigations have been conducted, nor have they been revealed who are the originators and organizers of this massively and ethnically-motivated violence against Kosovo Serbs, ”said the Minister for Communities and Returns, Dalibor Jevtic.

Jevtic further emphasizes that violence against Serbs and other non-majority populations did not end in 2004 but continues, and will cease as soon as all communities in Kosovo enjoy equal rights and opportunities regardless of their ethnic, religious, racial or any other affiliation.

"The March pogrom today is also an attack on Serbs in Klina, inability to leave and return to Gjakova and Musotiste, breaking up the home of returnees in Osojana, beating the Djokic family from Grizime, beating Serbs from Prekovac, burning the Konic family home in Klina, failure to enforce final court decisions. and all other ethnically motivated incidents in Kosovo, "Jevtic emphasized.

The Ministry for Returns and Communities, but also all political representatives of Serbs and other non-majority communities in Kosovo, are working intensively to improve the lives and provide the necessary conditions for the survival of Serbs and other non-majority communities in this region.

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