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 "In these turbulent times of the pandemic of the Corona virus (Covid-19), we must stick together and help each other and ourselves, because this is the only way to cope with this world-wide crisis," said Minister for Communities and Returns Dalibor Jevtic.

The coronavirus pandemic is registered in 11 cities in Kosovo and tends to spread further.  The measures introduced to protect against the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic hamper normal life in Kosovo.  These measures, as well as the overall situation, particularly affect individual returnees and vulnerable groups of citizens, among them: the elderly, returnees, socially disadvantaged categories of residents and others.

 "The Ministry of Communities and Returns, my associates and I have personally, because of the numerous and varied demands in the past few days, been forced to establish more intensive cooperation and coordination with municipal crisis staffs, return and community offices and central government institutions, in order to  specifically helped citizens and successfully implemented measures to protect against the coronaviris, "Jevtic noted.

 "There is a lack of flour, oil and other basic necessities of life, leaving and coming to treatment of severely ill patients from Serb-majority communities and municipalities south of the Ibar River, mediating and facilitating co-operation with central government institutions in Kosovo," Jevtic points out, "just some of  many of the day-to-day demands that the Ministry generally successfully addresses in these days of fear and uncertainty. "

 Jevtic said that it is precisely in these difficult times that one can see how important the connection and adequate cooperation and coordination with the line ministries and institutions are.

 "I urge citizens to stay at home, and we will show our solidarity at work in the coming days when we plan concrete delivery actions to assist in basic life goals and hygiene products for those who are currently most vulnerable.  We have already taken concrete steps to, in co-operation with other line ministries, address the problem of discontinued delivery of flour to bakeries, as well as supply to other basic livelihoods of Serb communities south of the Ibar River, ”Jevtic repeated.

 In addition, increased attention of the Ministry of Communities and Return will in the coming days be directed at vulnerable groups of citizens in the municipalities of Istok, Klina, Prizren, Orahovac, Lipljana, Obilić, Vushtrri, Vitina, Gjilan and Kamenica.

 In these difficult times for humankind, each of us has an obligation to do the least possible: stay at home, adhere to the recommendations to prevent the spread of this monster, and help the younger population, in coordination with the institutions, get everything they need.  Accordingly, the Ministry of Communities and Return will also handle the hope that we will all return to normal activities as soon as possible. 

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