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Pristina, March 24, 2020

In the village of Novake near Prizren, there were 10 returnee houses out of 67 in the village.  The residents of Novak noticed that the houses were being destroyed during yesterday.  Unfortunately, just around 2:00, a group of several burglars repeated the same crime and this greatly upset the villagers of this village.  For now, it is not known how much material damage was done to the upholstered houses.
The representative of the village of Novake, Spasa Andrijevic, says that in addition to material damage, this act threatens their further survival in the village of Novake, and to all those who intend to return to their homes, a clear message is sent that they are not welcome here.

"Since 2012, theft has been our daily routine, and to date, the competent authorities have not shed light on a single case.  The Ministry of Communities and Return allowed us to return to our hearths and what kind of living conditions here.  However, the crime that we are constantly exposed to, the failure to expose thefts and other crimes, simply kills our will to continue to survive in this region, ”point out the few returnees in the village of Novake.

The villagers say that police patrols are not regular, and when they do, they come down to a purely formal tour of the village rather than the real intention of providing returnees with a safer environment.

"In the difficult times we are going through as a result of the virus coronary pandemic, another virus called crime against returnees continues to exist and spread in Kosovo.  It is high time to completely eradicate it and make it so clear that we all have equal chances and conditions for living and working in Kosovo, ”said Minister for Communities and Return Dalibor Jevtic on the latest incident.

Currently, 15 Serbs live in the village of Novake near Prizren, and after yesterday reported to the police that 10 houses were destroyed in the village, the police conducted an investigation and strengthened their presence in the village.  However, according to few and disappointed villagers of the village, the robbery and robbery of the village was repeated this morning because the competent authorities did not find and adequately punish the perpetrators of these and all previous crimes against returnees and their property.

Published in Vesti
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