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At a time when mankind faces numerous dangers ranging from climate change, through economic, racial, ethnic and gender inequality, to the outbreak of a hitherto unknown disease, leaders around the world, including Kosovo Government Minister Dalibor Jevtic, have signed the Declaration on  principled leadership in times of disorder.  The declaration calls for a common confrontation with the challenges that preoccupy the world through international cooperation in all fields, applying ethical standards and universal values, without any divisions in society.  You can read the text of the entire declaration here.

These are just some of the topics of the international conference "Horasis - A Meeting of World Leadership Communities", which was to be held under the auspices of the Portuguese Government with leaders from around the world, among whom Minister Jevtic was one of the speakers.
The conference was canceled due to the worldwide pandemic of the virus corona, but invited participants sent messages to the organizer thanking the initiative through a video link.  On this occasion, Minister Jevtic sent the following message:
"In these turbulent times that are affecting people around the world, we need to unite and help each other to feel socially connected.  Personally, I greatly appreciate the initiative to bring together relevant factors that drive positive change in the world."

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