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Gračanica, January 26, 2021

Minister for Communities and Returns Dalibor Jevtić, together with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Government Administration Goran Rakić and Head of the Serbian List parliamentary group in the Assembly of Kosovo Igor Simić, visited the municipality of Gračanica and handed over the keys to a new house to a single mother of two children. The mayor of Gracanica, Srdjan Popovic, the member of the Assembly of Kosovo, Ljubinko Karadzic, and the head of the local self-government administration department, Igor Aritonovic, also attended the handing over of keys, with whom Jevtic, Rakic ​​and Simic held a meeting before handing over the keys.

"We are overjoyed, because after ten years of private housing, we finally have our own roof over our heads. I can tell you that it is not easy to be a tenant at all, because I am a single parent whose daughter has health problems. I am grateful that they built this home for us." , said Julija Mirić after handing over the keys.

The Minister for Communities and Returns, Dalibor Jevtić, stated that the Ministry will continue to help families, who insist on staying in this area, despite the difficult living conditions.

"What is our policy is perseverance, as well as persistent families who, despite being tenants for more than 10 years, still decided to stay here. We will continue to support such and similar cases," the minister said. Jevtic.

After handing over the keys, the officials visited the collective settlement "Beregen", which was completely reconstructed with the funds of the Ministry of Communities and Returns and the European Union.

"You who came here earlier know what the conditions were like. I think we have done a great thing and that is part of the project we have throughout Kosovo, the closure of collective centers. In the next period, we will implement similar projects in Leposavic, Zvecan, Zubin Potok, North Mitrovica and everywhere where there is at least one family, which for some reason is still in some kind of accommodation that is not worthy of life, "said Jevtic.

During today's visit to the municipality of Gračanica, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Self-Government Administration Goran Rakić announced help for families whose households were destroyed during the last floods.

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