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Minister for Communities and Returns Dalibor Jevtic today at the start of his visit to the village of Plemetina Obilic, visited an informal collective accommodation "container village" in which live four families. Making sure about tge conditions in which they live, Minister to the families in this settlement promised temporary assistance until the final resolution of their problems and distributed gifts with sweets to the children .

"The goal of the Ministry of Communities and Returns is that next year we start  the closure of all collective centers and this" container village "is a kind of informal collective center, so that the question to be solved because of these people, as you've seen they  really live in difficult conditions, "said Jevtic.
After visiting the "container village", Jevtic in Plementin visited family Popovic, which until the  building of a house which was funded by the ministry, lived in a container settlement, and family Nacic which was officially handed the keys of  the new house.
"The Ministry for Communities and Return this year, in cooperation with the Office of the European Union and the implementing partner IOM in Obilic build 37 houses. Family Nacic  is one of the 37 families that we helped to obtain after returning  the first basic living conditions. Surely I support this as they pointed out as the main problem, ie when we talk about return to be sustainable, it is important to develop the economy, it is important to find these people work. We have implemented  the project  not only build houses but every family has the opportunity of a grant to start their own business so it is with the  family Nacic.
The big Satisfaction is that  this family has small children, and this is another example that we are returning to Kosovo, and young couples with their children, and that is exactly what is most important, "said Jevtic.
The Minister stressed that in the coming year will continue construction and reconstruction of houses for returnees not only in Obilic but throughout Kosovo, with a view to the next three years, all who want and return to Kosovo.
"The Ministry of Communities and Returns will be present on the ground and we will not allow anyone and in any way to abuse the return process.
We will be present on the ground precisely in order in this way, in a conversation with people and gather all the information possible and bring the most correct decision, "the minister said.
One of the problems that must be today highlighted is the problem of usurped property ,said Jevtic .

"These people are farmers, but these people are not able to handle their land, which is across the river Sitnica. So close and yet so far to them ...  and it is a problem that must solve the Kosovo society and it is a problem that must be solved by  institutions, "he stressed.
   "Serbs in the village of Banjska are example to everyone of how to resist from the sale of its assets. It's not sold any  house here ! "
During the day, Minister Jevtic also visited the village of Grace, Gojbulja and Banjska village in the municipality of Vucitrn. In Gojbula Minister visited the  social endangered family Peric, while in the village of Banjska visited the Church of St. Nicholas. Minister in Banska was waited  by twenty villagers on behalf of a promised restoration of the church.
"Today we had the opportunity to visit, I would say the places, which are in Vushtrri, most forgotten. Here in the village of Banjska in front of this church, which dates from 1346. year. in a conversation with the locals, we agreed that the church fully  be completed before 22 May, when it will celebrate the glory of St. Nichola. I was also able to talk to these people about their priorities. Ministry of Communities and Returns will be part of what is our mandate and mission to help these families as instructed. It is certainly good information and news and laudable fact that none of these people did not sell their land. It's a message that needs to be heard and it is news that should be available to all those who in any way are thinking about selling their property, "said Jevtic
Parish priest in Vushtrri Simo Cumburovic and villagers of Banjska thanked the minister for the visit. They stressed that the Minister Jevtic is  one of the few officials who visits them, and that it is not election time and this gives them hope to be even more determined in their survival. Parish priest Simo said he believes that the Minister will keep and this given promise because everything he promised for the church in Vushtrri was fulfilled.

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