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Minister for Communities and Returns Dalibor Jevtic, visited the municipality of Kosovo Polje and talked with the Mayor of the Municipality of Burim Berisha. After speaking with the mayor who was very constructive, the Minister visited the church of St. Catherine in Bresje in this municipality, where awaited by fifty locals and talked to them about the current problems and offered some solutions.

"I want to emphasize the pleasure of what was the topic of today's meeting with the mayor, but also with the locals here, with the pastor. Ministry of Communities and Returns, together with the Office of the European Union and the Organization IOM came out to help, and as you see the Church of St. Catherine's has now I would say a better appearance. We are now talking about the problems and residents of Kosovo Polje, primarily non-majority peoples who live in this municipality and in this sense we will next year determine the priorities of the Ministry for Communities and Return can be implemented so that the citizens get better and better living conditions", said Jevtic.
He said that the talks concluded that human relations in Kosovo Polje on a high level and that is what is very good and from the churchyard of St. Catherine called on all IDPs to return to this city.
Mayor of Kosovo Polje said that he was pleased that he met with the Minister Jevtic and said that cooperation with the Ministry for Communities and Return and the Minister Jevtic is very good and that in this spirit will continue.
Restoration of the temple, which was in decay, is a very nice gift for the village of Bresje and its villagers said Father Nikola after talking with the Minister.
After visiting the church in the village of Bresje, Minister for Communities and Return visited the village of Staro Gacko and near the memorial plaque of the victim’s laid a wreath with the message "Time does not erase the memories of you ..."
Also, the ribbon cutting ceremony was opened by the Minister Jevtic was opened the sports field which was funded by the Ministry for Communities and Return.
With the assembled villagers Jevtic talked about how they survive in the village of Staro Gacko and their future.
"With the villagers I honestly talked and answered questions about what might Ministry for Communities and Return to do for them, and it is primarily to assist in the reconstruction of houses and the construction of houses to those families who have current living conditions here in the Staro Gracko. Certainly, we must remind the crime that happened here, not only when the memorial service, but whenever we can. So every day we have to remind ourselves that to this day still have not found the killers of the 14 reapers and to this day we do not know the answers to the question of who killed these people. I always take the opportunity when I can, to speak on this subject, and indicate that we will build the future only if our problems from the past can be solved in an honest way.
These people were important to say one thing, and that is to resist any form of pressure which leads to the sale of their property. To resist because every house that is being sold, every piece of land that is being sold is selling chances to us in the future to be at least as much as we have today, and we hope for and more", said the Minister.
 Asked by reporters about the formation of the Association of Serbian Municipalities and continued dialogue in Brussels, that is what citizens to work while agreed not implemented, Jevtic said that life cannot wait and needed to solve the problems of citizens, one by one ", because every unsolved problem eventually grows up and becomes larger. And it is therefore necessary that everyone is doing their job, negotiators to negotiate and agree upon, it is important to continue the dialogue, it is important to implement all agreements. While this does not happen we have to do our job, and our job is to be with the people, our job is to solve problems of the people to provide them with a better life, for a life that does not wait. If everyone does what is his duty, responsibility and work, then it will be less and problems. So, we do not to deal with subjects that we neither know nor competent. There are those who pretend that they know everything and nothing is done because it is easier today to talk and pretend like you know everything, but to do what for what charge. In people, the people, the people that we share their pain, solve problems and not in the offices", said Jevtic, answering questions of the journalists.
 Residents of the village of Staro Gacko thanked the Minister for frank discussion and noted that the Minister Jevtic one of the few officials who visited their place and that the cause is not the killing of the reapers, but also helps through various projects.

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