Tuesday, 24 November 2015 23:28


Minister for Communities and Return Dalibor Jevtic today in Visoki Decani, together with the Director of the Office for Kosovo in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Marko Djuric, Deputy Prime Minister Branimir Stojanovic, President of the Serbian List Slavko Simic, Deputy Interior Minister Milan Radojevic and about 700 believers from different parts of Serbia, Montenegro and the Serbian Republic attended the celebration in Visoki Decani and the liturgy served by His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej, Bishop of Raska and Prizren Teodosije, Bishop of Zahumlje and Herzegovina Grigorije, Bishop of Central European Sergius and Bishop Ilarion Timok Eparchy of Raska and Prizren.

His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej from Visoki Decani sent a message to all displaced Serbs to return to Kosovo, and the abbot of Visoki Decani, Father Sava Janjic thanked the faithful, church officials as representatives of Serbs in Kosovo institutions, which in large numbers attended the celebration.

Director of the Office for Kosovo Mr. Marko Djuric said today in the courtyard of the monastery of Visoki Decani said that Serbs and Albanians should be aware that they have a future only with each other, and expressed confidence that the Serbian people will survive in Kosovo.

When it comes to the return we create the conditions that in 2016 more people return to Kosovo, said Djuric.

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