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Lipjan, 23. July 2016

In Staro Gracko, in Lipljan, on a memorial service today, who was served by Lipljan parish priest Srdjan Stankovic, are marked 17 years since the murder of 14 Serbian reapers from this village who were killed in the field, while collecting the crops.

Memorial service was attended by family members of the victims, representatives of the Office for Kosovo in the Government of Serbia, the Serbs of Kosovo institutions and others who repeated the request that those responsible for this crime are brought to justice and expressed the hope that with this issue will deal the Special Court for War Crimes.

Minister for Communities and Return Dalibor Jevtic said that the unclear cases of murder of 14 Serbian reapers in Staro Gracko is a obstacle in the way of reconciliation and hoped that the work of the Special Court for war crimes will bring truth about the crime in Staro Gracko and will be solved and those responsible punished.

Jevtic said that the truth is just a little bit reduce of pain for the families of the victims and the obligation to help the residents of Staro Gracko to stay because, as he explained, the survival of Serbs in this village to be the win over the murderers of the reapers who wanted to expel the Serbs from the village.

Jevtic urged all who know who the killers to cooperate with the competent authorities to be responsible as soon as possible were brought to justice and be prosecuted.

"The greatest hope in the Special Court, we expect that the court do what had to do EULEX and other organizations that are responsible for justice", - said Jevtic.

Deputy Director of the Office for Kosovo in the Government of Serbia Damjan Jovic said that the wrongdoing that was committed in Staro Gracko is huge, that will not be forgotten and that the Serbs desire for justice with the time is increasing, reminding what last year requested - only justice.

He stressed that the crimes against Serbs cannot be ignored because, it burdens the past and the present but also the future and that it is impossible coexistence, normalization and reconciliation while denying crimes like the one that was committed in Staro Gracko.

Jovic said to the residents of this village that he will everywhere seek justice until justice is served and until the last murderer is in prison, adding for Albanians his sincere regrets for their innocent victims.

In front of the Association of families of the killed Serbs, Natasa Scepanovic, asked for the answer to one question: "Who are the killers of the Serbian reapers?".

In Staro Gracko on 23 July 1999 were killed at close range, in the field, fourteen Serb - Milovan Jovanovic (1969), Jovica Zivic (1970), Radovan ZiviC (1967), Andrija OdaloviC (1967), Slobodan JaniCijeviC (1965) , Mile Janicijevic (1957), Novica Janicijevic (1981), Momcilo Janicijevic (1946), Stanimir Dekic (1955), Bozidar Dekic (1947), Sasa Cvejic (1973) Ljubisa Cvejic (1939), Nikola Stojanovic (1936) and Miodrag Tepsic (1951).

The case until today, has not been solved.

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