Friday, 10 November 2017 13:30

Jevtic: The Serbian List was right, to solve the issue of property in a more concrete way

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Communities and Return Dalibor Jevtic held a meeting in Pristina today with ambassadors of the member states of Quint (USA, UK, France, Germany and Italy). The meeting was also attended by the heads of the OSCE and UNHCR missions in Kosovo, Jan Brathuu and Narasimha  Rao.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister at the meeting emphasized that usurped property and security were the biggest obstacle on the way to return, and underlined that the "Serbian List" was right when it asked for a revision of the Law on  Agency for Comparison and Verification

"The Serbian list was right when it comes to the Law on Property Verification, where in the last report of the protector of citizens in Kosovo, it was very clear and unequivocally confirmed what the" Serbian List "pointed out when it filed a complaint with the Constitutional Court of Kosovo, and that is, that the law is not good, that it does not guarantee the realization of basic human rights when it is a matter of property, and because of this issue, now after the official report of the protector of citizens, we ask that the Assembly of Kosovo, through the amendments, exactly change this law, in order not to harm those whose property  is usurped but also not to cause damage to the entire Kosovo society, "Jevtic said.

Jevtic said that with this valid Law in force, is given the possibility and right of the usurpers to obtain permanent ownership of assets that are not theirs.

At the meeting, Minister Jevtic pointed out that the issue of return must be solved and closed as soon as possible in a quality way, because this process takes too long.

"It is unacceptable that after almost two decades there are still those who are not able to return to their homes. The initiative is that before the regional meeting that we will have in Podgorica on this topic, after this meeting, we have a number of other meetings with both international and domestic institutions in order to create a precondition for what we want to do in the beginning of 2018, and it is to solve all the issues that stand in the way of returning displaced persons and offer the displaced people the possibility or integration in the environments in which they are located, and if they want the possibility of return, and to support and launch all projects that will solve this issue in a quality way, because the return except  construction of houses implies solving many other issues, "the minister said.

Jevtic said that besides the issue of return, the main goal was survival and expressed the expectation that in 2018, it will continue with projects that support survival.

It was concluded that the number of 335 persons returned to Kosovo this year indicates that 2017 was difficult and because of the electoral processes that were and pointed out that "there are no excuses and no excuse for everything that is foreseen in the future period. We must not allow the number of displaced persons returning to Kosovo to be so small, and it is therefore important that the representatives of these five important countries, as well as representatives of other international institutions, support the return process, "Minister Jevtic pointed out.

Ambassadors of the member states of Quint expressed their support to Minister Jevtic and the Ministry of Communities and Returns as well as unequivocal support for the initiative in solving the problem of usurped property and security in a more efficient way. The meeting also said that the activities should be coordinated when it comes to return and to make greater efforts at the local level as the problem of return, as they pointed out is the problem of all.

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