Monday, 13 November 2017 13:37

Jevtic and Ambassador O'Connell on return, the problem of usurped property and the ASM

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communities and Return Dalibor Jevtic met today with Ambassador of Great Britain to Kosovo Ruairi O’Connell.

During the meeting, two officials noted that the chapter on the return of displaced persons must be closed as soon as possible in a positive way, that is, to enable all displaced persons who express their desire to return. At the meeting, there was a question about the problem of usurped property, where it was said that even after the report of the protector of citizens stating that the Law on the Agency for Verification of Property is bad, it is necessary to work on amendments to that Law and that the "Serbian List" will strive to deal with the issue in the Assembly of Kosovo in an effective way. When it comes to the establishment of the Association of Serb Municipalities, Minister Jevtic at the meeting emphasized that the ASM must be formed in 2018.

"The fact is that we are making great efforts to return the displaced, our ultimate goal is the nearer return of all those who want it, maybe we will animate those who have not yet thought about returning to return to Kosovo. By creating conducive conditions for return, I sincerely believe that we will create a better climate for the coexistence of non-majority peoples in Kosovo. The establishment of the Association of Serb Municipalities is important precisely because of the return, because in this way, security and displaced people get ultimately able to return to their homes", said the Minister.

The positive climate in the Government when it comes to resolving the problem of non-majority people is encouraging, therefore we will try to solve the above problems as soon as possible, said Jevtic.

Ambassador O'Connell remarked once again that it is important to involve local governments as well as other organizations and institutions at all levels, since the primary goal is for non-majority communities to be equal in terms of respecting the rule of law and respecting human rights.

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