Wednesday, 22 November 2017 07:47

Jevtic presented to Congressman Engel the problems that Serbs face today in Kosovo

"Mr. Engel, in Kosovo today we still have a lot of work for the Serbs and Albanians to live together in peace. I know that you have a lot of respect for the Albanians, and your word on the position of the Serbs in Kosovo is very important. I know that during your visit to Kosovo these days you certainly heard most of the nice things, and also listened to the needs of the Albanians.

I am pleased that I have the opportunity to talk to you today about the problems that the Serbs in Kosovo face, and that you can hear from another angle as we look at the general question of the future of Kosovo", said at the very beginning of the meeting with Congressman Eliot Engel the Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo and Minister for Communities and Return Dalibor Jevtic.

He informed the interlocutor of the fact that over 200,000 displaced persons are still outside their homes and expressed the expectation that he personally pledges to finally resolve this issue in a positive way.

He especially emphasized the problem of Djakovica and Mushutishte in Suva Reka, where Serbs can not visit their property, even if they return.

"It is impermissible today, at the heart of Europe in the time in which we live, we still have places where people defend themselves to come to their homes only because they are Serbs. We all have an obligation to change that, an obligation for a future that must be different from the past when we encountered this area", said Jevtic in a conversation with Congressman Engel.

Congressman Engel was particularly interested in how political representatives of the Serbs cooperated with official Belgrade where Dalibor Jevtic particularly emphasized the importance of the institutional link between the Serbs from Kosovo to the Serbian government, because without this link, he said "many problems of the Serbs would remain unresolved today. The very important and courageous decision of President Vucic who initiated the internal dialogue on Kosovo is something that will help us Serbs in Kosovo to live better in the future. I expect that we, the Serbs from Kosovo, join us and be part of that dialogue. We also expect to see the same kind of political courage in Pristina and the ultimate establishment of the Association of Serb Municipalities", said Jevtic.

Congressman Eliot Engel thanked Jevtic for the information provided and stressed that "he supports and agrees with the expectations, but also the need for Kosovo Albanians to respect the Serbs and to ensure their equal rights".

He also highlighted the continuation of the dialogue as an important issue because, as he said, "without dialogue and discussion, problems can not be solved".

Although widely known in the public as someone who has in the past advocated for the rights of Albanians in Kosovo, he stresses today that Albanians have to respect the rights of other nations and do nothing to jeopardize any rights.

At the end of the meeting with Minister Jevtic, Mr. Engel expressed readiness for the communication and cooperation between the two to continue and at the same time invited Jevtic to visit Washington and there in the Congress, in committees dealing with the issues of the Western Balkans and the relations between the Serbs and Albanians, speaks and directs to the problems and possibilities of solving them in order to better understand the current situation in Kosovo.

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