Wednesday, 22 November 2017 14:18

Jevtic to the ambassadors of Slovenia and Switzerland: The process of forming the ASM and the return of displaced persons must be accelerated, excuses must no longer be

During the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for Communities and Return Dalibor Jevtic told the ambassador of Slovenia Bojan Bartoncev that the present Government is committed to solving the problem of non-majority peoples in Kosovo, but that certain concrete steps in solving them are definitely missing, and one of the most conclusive steps was the beginning of the formation of the Community of Serb Municipalities.

"The start of the formation of the ASM opens the door to the continuation of the dialogue in Brussels, and we expect the community to form in the manner as agreed in Brussels," the minister said, adding that only the continuation of the dialogue could lead to better living conditions in Kosovo.

He informed that when it comes to the return of displaced persons, they take concrete steps to resolve this issue as soon as possible, and one of these is the upcoming regional conference in Podgorica, organized with the support of the OSCE and UNHCR, in which take part the deputies the governments of Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia, aims to achieve concrete proposals and solutions to overcoming the obstacles that are now on the path to return and reintegration.

"We want to offer people the opportunity to return to Kosovo, by providing normal living conditions, to the places from which they have been displaced or in the places where they are currently located or to offer them the possibility of integration into the places where they currently reside. The return is just like the survival  the priority in our work, "Jevtic said.

Jevtic said that another step towards resolving the issue of return will be the continuation of the work of the inter-ministerial group for returns and communities, involving all the institutions that should contribute to more efficient way of solving all the problems of the displaced, because as he said "the question of return should not be dealt with only by the Ministry of Communities and Returns but everyone should be involved in resolving this issue. "

After meeting with the Ambassador of Slovenia, Minister Jevtic also met with the Ambassador of Switzerland to Kosovo, Mr. Jean Hubert Lebet.

At this meeting, there were also discussion about topics that are important for the lives of ordinary citizens in Kosovo. During the meeting, Minister Jevtic took the opportunity to brief the ambassador of Switzerland with the constant problems that the innocent peoples of Kosovo have, and there were also words and ideas on how Switzerland could help solve certain problems.

It is widely known that the Swiss Embassy in Kosovo has a series of programs to help communities and institutions in Kosovo, and so has been said about the program "Migration Management in Kosovo", for which Swiss Embassy representatives sought support from the Ministry of Communities and Returs in as successful implementation of the same and direct involvement of the MCR representatives in this program.

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