Friday, 24 November 2017 12:20

Jevtic in Podgorica: As soon as possible return all those who want to

Today in Podgorica, started the fourth Regional Initiative in high political level for permanent solutions for the return of displaced persons to Kosovo . Delegations of the governments of Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia are participating in the Regional Forum on the Return of Displaced Persons. Opening the forum, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Kosovo and the Minister of Communities and Return Dalibor Jevtic said that it is important to offer in the shortest possible time all those who want to return the possibility of returning to Kosovo and those who want to integrate adequate living conditions in the places of integration because he said "it took too much time to deal with the issue of return, and that's why we have to solve this issue in one quality way. All that is agreed today, I sincerely believe that the Government of Kosovo will adopt, "Jevtic said in his opening statement.

He thanked delegations for their participation and emphasized that it is very important that everyone make a contribution to the better resolution of the return of displaced persons.

"Our goal is that what we have agreed in the past period to start implementing , especially when solving the problem of displaced people, in terms of property, personal documents and all those obstacles that lie in the way of returning displaced persons. For us the return is a priority and we want to see as many displaced people return to Kosovo, while our other option is to help integrate in the environments in which they are today, and what is crucial is that we must solve the problems before being two decades since the moment when these persons were displaced, "the minister said.

Speaking to reporters, he said that now there is a better political climate and will in Pristina to support the return process.

"This is supported by the fact that for the first time in the official document of the Government of Kosovo is found this issue and all the recommendations that we, as the Ministry, have given, and that the budget of the Ministry for Communities and Return has been increased for 2018," Jevtic said.

A regional initiative was also a need to solve the issue of returns by the joint forces of the four governments in a more practical way in the sense that projects are not duplicated, so that the data on displaced people are merged because previously it was done at the level of certain institutions without any coordination and cooperation.

After today's meeting at the technical level, a high-level meeting will be held in Podgorica tomorrow, where decisions will be made on concrete implementation of certain recommendations.

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