Saturday, 25 November 2017 17:12

Jevtic: We do not give up from the return of displaced persons to Kosovo

On the second day of the Regional Initiative on high political Level on durable solutions for displaced persons from Kosovo - "The Skopje Process", representatives of the governments of Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia, as well as representatives of the OSCE and UNHCR, expressed unequivocal support in resolving key points (property rights, security, dialogue and reintegration, personal documents and data menagment ) to resolve the return process in the shortest possible time and in a quality way.

"There is no better moment for solving the issue of return in a lasting sense in a quality way. The fact that the Government of Kosovo included for the first time in its action program everything that the Ministry of Communities and Return gave as a recommendation, now it is an official document, in the action plan of the Government of Kosovo in the next four years it speaks to us in support of this. Working through this conference, the recommendations we made succeeded in making very important breakthroughs in the areas of personal documents, security, but I can freely say that there remains a lot of work in the field of property rights, because the question of usurped property is one of the major obstacles on the way of return . By implementing a recommendation on property issues, we will be able to solve this issue in a quality manner, "said Minister Jevtic at a press conference.

From this forum, a very clear message was sent that even 18 years after the displacement of displaced persons from Kosovo it is not given up on settling the issue of return. Jevtic said at the forum that return does not only mean building or renovating houses, but it is important for returnees to solve basic issues in order to have a normal life and survive in Kosovo

"It is precisely in this sense that we want to solve all these problems jointly. What will be a special focus in the coming period, and that from tomorrow will be to implement the adopted conclusions and recommendations as soon as possible, because only in this way will we be able to create preconditions for the return of the displaced, "he said.

Jevtic concluded that the number of those who want to return to Kosovo depends on the process of return of those who are returning to Kosovo today.

"If this process is positive, we will have a positive trend in terms of the number of those who want to return to Kosovo. In particular, I would like to emphasize the resolution of the issue of security and usurped property. Those who want to integrate in the environments in which they are located will get an opportunity for such a thing, but always leave room that with integration in local areas not to lose the right to ever return to Kosovo, "Jevtic said.

During the high-level forum, it was pointed out that the Ministry of Communities and Return will work with its partners on the drafting of the Law on Displaced Persons, laws that shall protect the rights of all those displaced not to lose the right to return in the long-term.

Otherwise, since 2014, this was the fourth regional high-level regional initiative organized by the side of the OSCE and UNHCR missions in Kosovo.

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