Wednesday, 06 December 2017 14:50

"Return to Kosovo, we will provide you with all the conditions for that," Jevtic told the displaced in Smederevo

In order to facilitate the return of displaced persons to Kosovo, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communities and Return Dalibor Jevtic met with displaced persons in Smederevo and asked from them to return to their property and that for that purpose the Ministry, which is  headed by him, would provide all the necessary conditions.

"We primarily aim at the return of every Serb family to Kosovo, we will insist on this and work on it. This return has to be voluntary, but it is one of the opportunities and integration in the environments in which they live today if they want to, and we will work there with cities and municipalities in central Serbia to solve this issue. "

Regarding the return, Minister Jevtic said that the displaced will return to provide not only a roof over the head, but also everything that is necessary, and pointed out that problems such as the problem of usurped property will be solved in a concrete way.

"We will solve the problem of usurped property in the way we agreed on the recently held regional initiative in Podgorica, where four governments took part: Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo. A separate panel will be formed, which will only deal with the issue of usurped property so that we can solve everything that has been resolved in the shortest possible period, "Jevtic said.

He pointed out that through concrete projects, displaced persons returning to secure jobs, and citing the example of starting a cooperative in Osojana in the municipality of Istok, announced the opening of such other cooperatives.

"We will also form a cooperative in Kosovo  Pomoravlje where the displaced from Smederevo will form a cooperative that will cover the whole territory of Kosovo Pomoravlje from Klokot, Partesh, Ranilug, Kamenica ... wherever they are, to work together and to bring their goods together placing ".

The common goal of all of us is to solve the issue of displaced persons in the long run and we are doing this in several ways, institutionally above all, and one of these is the draft law that will apply to all rights displaced in Kosovo, if today it does not want someone to return to Kosovo will do so for various reasons in the future, Jevtic underlined, as he said from the return of displaced persons in Kosovo does not give up.

Displaced today said that it is very important to have the opportunity to talk with Minister Jevtic, while the mayor of Smederevo, Jasna Avramovic, said that the maximum effort will be made by the joint forces to ensure that all those who wish to return will enable it and ensure that all those who remain in Smederevo normal living conditions. She thanked Minister Jevtic for the perseverance shown in this very light and significant process.

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