Sunday, 10 December 2017 17:39

Jevtic on the occasion of the World Human Rights Day: To be ensured equal rights for all. A big problem is the usurped property in Kosovo.

Serbs and other non-majority communities in Kosovo must be granted the same rights as all other Kosovo citizens. 

All peoples must have the same chance for a decent and worthy human life, and this can only be achieved in the same way if human rights are respected, said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communities and Return Dalibor Jevtic and said that everything that is being done on economic progress, stabilization of communities, creation of better conditions for coexistence will not be enough unless the human rights of all citizens are respected.

 On the occasion of the World Human Rights Day, Jevtic pointed out that human rights should not be dealt with only on December 10th, but on a permanent basis, and that this field must be devotedly dedicated, because only in this way can improvement and progress  be made in this area.

"The basic prerequisite for every democratic and stable society, sustainable development, security and long-term peace is the absolute respect for all human rights, and we will work on this and strive to do it. One of the biggest problems in Kosovo today is the issue of property. It has to be resolved to solve this problem more resolutely. The Law on the Agency for Property  Verification that is currently in use is against human rights and it must be changed urgently. Today, once again, we draw attention to this problem, on the problem of usurped property, but from the words of those who promise the solution we will have nothing if the works do not show that the institutions of the system in Kosovo  are for all human rights and respect and rights to property, freedom of movement , the right to freedom and peace, the right to diversity and mutual respect for all in Kosovo, "said Minister Jevtic

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