Tuesday, 17 April 2018 07:13

Project PRK 5: Construction of 97 houses for displaced persons was approved in 10 municipalities in Kosovo

The construction of 97 houses for displaced persons was approved at the Steering Committee of the project "RRK 5" (Return and Reintegration Project) during the first phase, which was held today at the Ministry for Communities and Return. Construction will be implemented in the municipalities of Peja, Istok, Klina, Obiliq, Kosovo Polje, Gracanica, Novo Brdo, Kamenica, Shtrpce and Orahovac.

Apart from the representatives of the Ministry, the Steering Committee was also attended by the representatives of the European Union Office in Kosovo, representatives of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which will implement the project and representatives of the UNHCR.

The Secretary General of the MCR, Nenad Stojcetovic, assessed that the project "RRK 5" was very important for the return process and, on behalf of Minister Dalibor Jevtic, thanked the attendees for the assistance they provided to the Ministry during the process, which he pointed out was not easy.

"I am grateful to the EU Office in Kosovo for supporting the return process and everything that it does in general. Without their help, we could not be successful in talking about a project as we do today. "

Stojcetovic said that the Ministry for Communities and Return and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Dalibor Jevtic, although in the technical mandate, will continue to work even more, and that these 97 houses will be only a motive for the return in 2018 to be more successful than the return in the previous year.

During the meeting, partners of the project announced that the Ministry of Communities and Return will continue this year to achieve full implementation in realization of its obligations in a better way.

The representative of the European Union Office in Kosovo, Samir Selimi, thanked the Ministry and Minister Jevtic for their efforts to make the return process more successful and better. PRK 5 project manager Agron Ajazi underlined that he will continue with good cooperation and said that all possible difficulties in realization in cooperation with MCR and partners will be overcome.

During the meeting, it was said that there is a firm belief that at the end of 2018, good results will be spoken, as was the case for the previous four phases.


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