Friday, 20 April 2018 08:40

Presented document on the profiling of internally displaced persons

In order to strengthen the process of return through the establishment of institutional mechanisms of cooperation with ministries that should be involved in the return process and partners at the regional and international level, and on the initiative of Minister Dalibor Jevtic, the Ministry of Communities and Returned today presented a final document on the profiling of displaced persons. The document aims to present the demographic profile of displaced persons in Kosovo.

"With this document, it is envisaged to identify the needs of displaced persons and ways to gain access to their rights. In addition to the Regulation on Displaced Persons adopted at the beginning of this year, the document on profiling will be of great benefit given that we are in the process of drafting the new Strategy 2019-2022. as well as the initiative for passing the Law on Displaced Persons. All this together is part of Mr Jevtic's initiative with a clear vision and goals, "said Secretary General of the Ministry of Communities and Return during the presentation of the document.

After the profiling process, the MCR plans to provide strong support in the form of providing the necessary steps to enable displaced persons to provide housing, education, health care, security, return and protection of property rights, including the need to address cases of usurpation of private property.

"All these areas require more efficient cooperation among the institutions that need to be involved in the return process," Stojcetovic stressed.

During the presentation of the document, it was noted that there is a need for better regional coordination between the relevant institutions in the environment in the planning and implementation of projects and activities related to the return process.

The drafting of the document on profiling was financed by the Ministry of Communities and Return, while assistance in this process was provided by the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia, the UNHCR, the Danish Refugee Council and the Kosovo Statistical Agency.

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