Wednesday, 16 May 2018 12:04

Jevtic and Simic: Serbs are always ready to solve problems through dialogue

"There are many problems in Kosovo, but Serbs are always ready to discuss all issues in a constructive manner, and for the benefit of all peoples in this region. We were and will continue to be a stability factor and a party that believes that dialogue is the best way to overcome all the crises", said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communities and Return, Dalibor Jevtic and MA in the Kosovo Assembly, Igor Simić, to the Senior official for Kosovo at the State Department, Ilan Goodman.

Jevtic and Simic told the State Department officials that their priority is a fight to improve the lives and survival of Serbs in Kosovo, and that the policy of representatives of the Serbian List is based on these principles. "One of the ways in which the life of the Serbs in Kosovo is better is the formation of the Association of Serb Municipalities, and therefore, in its recent formation, it is so insistent. The Serbs in Kosovo know what they want and why they need to form a ASM", they stressed. He was told that the demands of Serb representatives were denied that matters of essential importance to non-majority peoples were settled in an institutional way, and that, in addition to the events of March 26th, it had also contributed to the decision to leave the institutions. It was also pointed out that many laws that have been adopted are disrespectful and that they must be seriously done on these matters.

During the meeting, Ilan Goodman said that the position of the State Department was clear, and that all Brisels' agreements had to be implemented and that there was no ambiguity about it. We will insist on these things in both Belgrade and Pristina, said Goodman.

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