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Jevtic: Municipality of Ranilug receives a new Medical Center worth 300,000 euros, and the family Naskovic a new house

Ranilug, May 23, 2018.

Nearly 300,000 euros will be invested in the new Medical Center in the municipality of Ranilug. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communities and Returns in Resignation Dalibor Jevtić and Mayor of Ranilug Municipality Vladica Aritonovic signed a Memorandum on the construction of this facility today, which is  said to mean a lot during the recruitment of new medical staff and, consequently, the survival of Serbs in these areas.

"It was promised during my previous visit to the municipality of Ranilug that citizens will receive better and better conditions for health care. Today we are fulfilling this promise. Signing a memorandum means the beginning of a procedure for building a modern Health Center. I believe that we will be able to lay the foundation stone in a very short time, and it is more important for me from the timeframes to build the building and to later open this quality-built facility solemnly. I want to say from here today what is very important to say, and this is that by building this Family Medicine Center, we literally hit the cornerstone of what will be called the Community of Serb Municipalities because this center and every school that we renew or build and everything we will work in the upcoming period anywhere that a Serb living will be part of what is called the ASC, and that is exactly our ultimate goal, "Minister Jevtic said addressing a large number of gathered villagers in Ranilug.
Jevtic also announced the assistance to individual cases living in harsh conditions, and pointed out that today a socially endangered six-member family, Nasković from the village of Rajanovce, was promised the construction of a new home in order to get adequate living conditions.

"It is our contribution to what our job is and this is exactly the struggle for the survival of Serbs in this region, because without survival, as I always say, there will be no return of those who have been displaced from here," the minister said.

The good cooperation between the municipality of Ranilug and the Ministry of Communities and Returns, which, as mentioned in the future will be  reflected in several fields, was emphasized that this is a great day for the residents of Ranilug and for the family Nasković from Rajanovac, which will be assisted in the construction of the house and in the treatment of children with health problems.

Mayor Aritonovic agreed with Minister Jevtic that the main goal of building the Health Center is survival and return, he added, adding that new health workers and youth from the area of Ranilug municipality will be employed there. The representatives of health workers in Ranilug said that understanding the need for new premises is another step towards realization of providing the best possible health care for all citizens.

The Ministry of Communities and Returns for the construction of the Medical Center in Ranilug allocates 240,000 euros, while the Municipality will participate in the construction with 60,000 euros.

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