Thursday, 24 May 2018 11:53

Jevtic: "Working with Belgrade to better solve problems of Serbs in Kosovo"

"We have a lot of problems that the Serbs in Kosovo have, easier and better resolved with cooperation with official Belgrade. Representatives of the Serb List in Kosovo often insist that the problems of the Serbs be resolved in an institutional way, because we think that only in this way can a long-term solution be found for the whole situation that puts Pristina and Belgrade into an uninhabited position today," said during a meeting in Pristina to the deputy of the German Bundestag and member of the EU Relations Committee Manuel Sarazin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communities and Return in Resignation Dalibor Jevtic.

He introduced him to the importance of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and said that the opinion was that the dialogue should be conducted on two levels, at a high political level, in Brussels and at the local level, because in this way concrete practical solutions can be reached in in that sense of life.

"If we want long-term stability in the region and progress in many areas then we have to seriously work on that," the Minister said.

During the meeting, Jevtic also spoke about the importance of establishing the Association of Serb Municipalities, stressing that its formation guarantees the survival of Serbs in Kosovo through its key areas of education and health care, economic development and spatial planning.

He expressed the view that a better economic situation would also affect the relations of the two nations, as he said that "a better economic climate has surpassed many disagreements".

The municipality of Shtrpce is a good example of coexistence and multi-ethnicity. According to the model of this municipality, we should work on solving many problems in relations between the two nations, said Jevtic.

At the end of the meeting, the Minister received a call from Manuel Sarazin to visit Germany again and talk with her businessmen and government officials on key issues for society's progress.

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