Wednesday, 20 June 2018 06:25

Jevtic on World Refugee Day: Displaced from Kosovo still do not have the opportunity to return

Pristina, June 20, 2018

"At the moment when the issue of return should be a long-closed topic, today and on this 20th of June, on the occasion of this World Refugee Day, we are talking about the number of 200,000 displaced persons from Kosovo and the fact that those who want to go to Kosovo the returns do not have the chance, and some of them live in inhumane conditions that are indecisive, "said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communities and Returns in Resignation Dalibor Jevtic on the occasion of the World Refugee Day.

He estimated that in the return of displaced all institutions, factors and society as a whole must make more efforts because all these years there were no desired results.

 "The celebration of the World Refugee Day should be a reminder that those who used to live in their homes today are far from them, and this has been so for 19 long years. In a large number of cities in Kosovo where Serbs lived earlier today, there are no Serbs, and cities like Musutit and Gjakova are forbidden cities for displaced even for a one-day visit, which is very sad. "

He expressed concern that conditions for return and survival are at a bad level - "I am worried that those who have returned are still attacking, that a large number of cases of usurped property still await the epilogue in the courts, which is an ecosomatic situation in returnee communities very bad, that the desire of displaced people to visit their holy places is still negative today, and most of all I am worried that even after so many years of mutual trust, which should be the key to success, the displaced returns are still disturbed, "the minister said, emphasizing that it is a common name the figure of all who are now out of their homes is the same, that is, that they have been expelled from their possessions and that there is no difference in the suffering and pain that all of them feel for the injustice caused to them.

Those who want to return say that from their return they will not give up - "We will invest all our efforts to give you back the return because the right to return and free life is the basic right of all and we will fight for it. Please do not sell your property today, and you will be persistent in the attempt to return, because we will only succeed in what we all strive for, and it is to be your once again what belonged to you, "Dalibor Jevtic concluded.

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