Friday, 20 July 2018 11:22

Jevtic met with new head of UNHCR mission in Kosovo Erol Arduk

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Communities and Return Dalibor Jevtic met today with the new head of the UNHCR mission in Kosovo, Erol Arduk.

During the meeting which was  held in Prishtina, Minister Jevtić introduced the new head of UNHCR to the processes that the Ministry headed by him when  talking about the return process, showed him the shortcomings in the process itself, and pointed out that the only honest communication and coordination of all institutions and organizations involved in this process can achieve better results, which are not at an enviable level today.

"The practical way to solve the issue is essential for things to go in a more positive direction. It is important that the joint forces do everything to ensure that all families who want to return to Kosovo, "Jevtic said.

That UNHCR is one of the most important partners is also the fact that with this international organization and the OSCE, we launched an initiative that we called the "Skopje process" a few years ago, the minister said.

Jevtic said that the problems when it comes to the return process are  big, but not unsolvable, only need to persist in their solution.

He acknowledged that the institution he is leading will not give up strongly that the issue of return should be resolved as soon as possible in a positive way, and he pointed out that a  model must be  found that  the return to Kosovo  be better than it is today.

Today's meeting was also attended by the UNHCR's outgoing UN Secretary-General Narasim Rao, who thanked Minister Jevtić for his sincere cooperation and the efforts he is making in the return process.

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