Thursday, 27 September 2018 13:05

Jevtic and O'Connell in Kmetovec: Coexistence is possible - we will continue with investments

In order to improve lives and create better conditions for survival, as well as for the coexistence between Serbs and Albanians, in Kmetovec near Gjilan today, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communities and Returns in Resignation Dalibor Jevtić, Ambassador of Great Britain to Kosovo Ruari O'Connell and Mayor of Gjilan Ljutfi Haziri opened the market with a ceremonial cutting of the ribbon.

Following the opening of the market, officials, together with representatives of the EU Office in Kosovo and the International Organization for Migration, visited the Cooperative Community, which MCR, in cooperation with the EU through the EU CSP3 / EU CSP3 program (a project implemented in cooperation with the IOM), was rigorously equipped.

"The cooperative and the market we have opened is a project that will enable farmers to sell their products, not only products, but also placement. Although I know that there are still many problems that we need to solve and solve, when it comes to placement of products, working on such projects we manage to solve problems one by one, "said Minister Jevtic.

In Kmetovec, he said that they will not stand on these projects, but will continue to assist with the International partners everywhere where there is a need for it.

"We have fulfilled the promise and I know that now you have more confidence when we say that we will not stop at this, but that we will continue to help you and to support you according to the possibilities," Jevtic pointed out.

Jevtic also pointed out that peace is a priority and everything that appears seems to be the point.

"Coexistence is possible. Farmers are a good example of the fact that Serbs and Albanians can work together, earn money and live out of it. With these and similar projects we want to help our citizens and support survival, because if these people do not have the opportunity to live from their work and come to the future, then these people will think of leaving these spaces. That is why we will continue to implement such projects with everyone who can help. "

The British Ambassador stressed that people should live and work together and invest in such investments, investing in the future and in normal life, and pointed out that it was a pleasure to work with the Ministry to project the project.

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