Thursday, 08 November 2018 09:33

Jevtic in Istanbul: We are committed to advocating for peace and stability in the Balkans

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communities and Returns in Resignation Dalibor Jevtic spoke today as special guest at the opening of the Istanbul Security Conference.

At the conference, the minister said that this is a good opportunity to talk about the security and challenges of all peoples living in Kosovo, but not only in Kosovo, but generally in the Western Balkans.

"I live in an area where the security situation is fragile and I know how important it is to maintain peace and stability throughout the Western Balkans, because it is precisely from this that we will live in Kosovo. The region of the Western Balkans is in development and that is what is good and what we need to continue to do. If we want to solve the problem of the relations between the Serbs and Albanians in the whole region in the long run, it is important to confront and speak at this moment, what kind of relations we want to have as the two largest nations", Jevtic said during his address.

He put a special emphasis on the fact that everything starts from us and that the politics and interests of this kind are more important than life.

"Life is what must win in all areas. We must not allow any people to suffer consequences for politics. I always say that life is ahead of politics, and I honestly think that if we manage this, there will be fewer conflicts and conflicts. So we need to be more committed to life", Jevtic underlined.

He took the opportunity to point out the importance of the dialogue because, as he said, this is the best way to resolve the issue of Serb-Albanian relations in a long-term perspective.

The conference of this type of opportunity is to exchange views and experiences on challenges in the field of human relations and security as a product of these relations, which is now much talked about.

"This is also an opportunity to hear from other representatives of different countries from all over the world who came here today with what they are facing when it comes to security," the Minister said.

Yesterday, on the margins of the conference, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Jevtic met with several representatives from different countries coming from the field of security and economy.

The Istanbul Security Conference is held for the fourth year in a row and this year will last until November 9th.

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