Wednesday, 14 November 2018 07:53

Jevtic and Strah: Dialogue to solve problems

Deputy Prime Minister of the Kosovo Government and Minister of Communities and Returns in Resignation Dalibor Jevtic and Vice-Chancellor of Austria Heinz Kristian Strach agreed today during a meeting held in Vienna that all problems that burden the two peoples in Kosovo, Serbian and Albanian, should be solved exclusively dialogue.

"If we want a long-term peace, we need to talk about all the things that are burdening us and to solve problems with each other's needs. Because of the future and better living conditions, it is necessary to do a lot more on all plans so that we and the future generations can live better and carelessly than it is today ", said Minister Jevtic.

Jevtic requested support from Austria in resolving the problem, stressing that it is very important that the agreements reached in Brussels are implemented in the manner agreed.

"There are many problems and a lot of time and effort have been invested in solving them, but without significant results and shifts. It must stop thinking that everything that is good for Serbs is automatically bad for Albanians and vice versa. Both sides must be ready to, for peace and stability, lose and gain something through a dialogue. There is no compromise that will satisfy only one side, then it will not and will not be a compromise. Dialogue does not have an alternative, but a dialogue that implies respect and implementation of an agreement, not a dialogue just forms. Essence is more important than form. For me, life is more important than politics, and that is the approach I am committed to, the practical application of politics in the service of citizens, "Jevtic said.

He noted that it was vital for the Serb people in Kosovo to form the Community of Serb Municipalities and said that this was a topic that should be discussed at every place.

"The Serb list makes a lot of efforts to improve the living conditions of the people of Kosovo. We are committed to peace and stability as the priority of all, because there is no other way to reach our goals. We are against frozen conflicts and conflicts of any kind. "

Austrian Heinz Kristian Strahe, vice-chancellor of Austria, agreed with the minister on the above-mentioned topics, he said that Austria, as the EU presidency holder, will continue to insist that the dialogue be continued because it is cocoa and he repeated "the only way to solve the problems. "

In addition to the above-mentioned topics, today's meeting between the two officials was also discussed in other political topics that are present in Kosovo, and Mr. Strah once again emphasized the special sympathies and support he personally has for the Serb people.

At the end of the meeting, Jevtic invited Strathea to visit Kosovo in order to get to know better and get to know the lives and problems of ordinary people.

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