Saturday, 05 January 2019 10:38

Jevtic congratulates Christmas

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communities and Return in Resignation Dalibor Jevtić sent a to all Orthodox believers Christmas congratulations on this most joyful holiday.

"May this feast of peace, hope and love given to us through the birth of Christ be the main driving and creative force in our lives. Christmas reminds us of those closest to us, the loved ones, and that is why the message of understanding and solidarity that this holiday carries in us today is more important than ever for all who live in Kosovo.

I hope that the deeply humane and noble spiritual message of Christ's birth will give us new strength to overcome all difficulties and dedicate ourselves to the social progress for the benefit of all religious communities, peoples and citizens in Kosovo.

This most joyful holiday should encourage us and force us to show love, point to the right path and good, and deter us from evil and outward, we respect the rights and freedom of every human being.

May the days that are before us remind us of the importance of cultivating true values, the importance of communion, mutual respect, respect, and understanding.

I want you to spend your holidays in the family and friends circle, to make your home filled with prosperity and feeling of affection and love. That this year as well as every subsequent Christmas celebration as a family holiday, will be the affirmation of the family and its impenetrable values, because a healthy and strong family guarantees a healthy and progressive society.

“Peace of God, Christ is born!“ says Jevtic in his congratulation.

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