Wednesday, 30 January 2019 08:58

Jevtic: We will continue to invest in education and life

"Priority of the ministry will be investing in life in the coming period, and life is also education and employment opportunities.

Life is everything that needs to be done here in difficult circumstances in which our compatriots live, stay and survive, "said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Joint and Return in Resignation Dalibor Jevtic, today in Orahovac during a visit to the school" Dositej Obradovic " which was reconstructed with the funds of the Ministry of Communities and Returns.

He emphasized that the promise given during his last year's joint visit to Orahovac with the Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Mladen Sarcevic, and the Director of the Office for KiM, Marko Djuric, was realized.

"We implemented a rehabilitation project of this facility in accordance with the submitted request. Today, at the meeting, we found that several more things are needed to be done. I hope that during this year we will rally this request. I want to point out that here in Orahovac and in Velika Hora, we want to provide maximum conditions for working in the education of our children, and see the opportunities to work on the construction of the sports field in Orahovac, as well as other things that will be needed. You saw through the children's smiles that we did the right thing, and it's really a pleasure for me and a lot of hearts that's the point. There is no greater satisfaction in this business than when we see happy children, "Jevtic said.

The management of the school said that the school after a long time began to resemble the school because the roof that was restored was in a state of terror, the classrooms are more orderly and the building has a whole new window and heating.

"What is very important is that we have agreed with the Minister that this will not stop at this and that we will get an inventory, but also to arrange the outer appearance, the courtyard in front of the school and the cabinet for informatics", said from the administration of the school "Dositej Obradovic" .

The school, attended by children of preschool age, pupils from the first to the eighth grade and the students of the gymnasium number about 60 pupils, and as a sign of gratitude, the pupils of the elementary and secondary school for Minister Jevtic prepared a suitable program and with the poem, they were handed out special thanks to him as a sign of gratitude .

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