Tuesday, 26 March 2019 16:39

Jevtic and Berard: Dialogue, the way how to solve the problem

That the dialogue is the basic way of solving problems in Kosovo, the conclusion of today's meeting held in Pristina between the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for Communities and Returns in the resignation Dalibor Jevtic and the Deputy Head of Mission for the Balkans and Europe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France Emanuel Berarda, who is otherwise in charge of monitoring the process of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, and who is in Pristina to meet with relevant officials in the talks with the current situation in Kosovo.
"We are aware of the fact that the problems that are burdening the two peoples in Kosovo today are not at all simple, but that does not mean that their solution should be sought in some other ways, and that this is not a dialogue. I honestly think that we have to solve all the problems we have solely and exclusively with dialogue so that the Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo live better and that life will not be further hindered, " said Minister Jevtic during the meeting.

He pointed out that Kosovo must be a place where all non-majority nations will have the same rights because only this way builds a better future, and it is noted that the lack of trust is one of the basic problems on which solution must work intensively.
The French official, Emanuel Berard, agrees with that, adding that it is very bad when the dialogue does not exist and that this means that the burgeoning problems are further consolidated, which should certainly be avoided.
At the meeting, there were also words about returning. Minister Jevtić presented to Mr. Berardi all the problems that the Ministry of Communities and Returns personally encounter during this complex and not very easy process, pointing out that it is one of the larger usurped assets.
"We often try to ensure that the returns of displaced people to their homes and after so many years are better, but the circumstances do not come to our rescue because I am of the view that not only the Ministry of Communities and Returns can work on this already in a serious way solving of this problem must include other institutions, "Jevtic said.

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