Tuesday, 02 April 2019 10:23

Meeting with OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities Lamberto Zannier and OSCE Ambassador to Kosovo Iaan Brathu

Problems faced by non-majority peoples in Kosovo, such as non-implementation of decisions, the problem of usurped property, as well as other problems that lie in the way of returning displaced persons, representation and employment of non-majority people in institutions, but also a stalemate in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina due to the introduction of  import tax of goods from central Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina were the main topics during the meeting of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communities and Return in the resignation of Dalibor Jevtic with the High Commissioner for National Minorities of the OSCE, Mr.  Lamberto Zannier and OSCE Ambassador to Kosovo Iaan  Braathu.
At the meeting held in Prishtina, it was also stressed that knowledge and language learning is one of the key things for better communication between peoples, but also for cooperation in all fields of society.
"We must give a chance to change the current situation. Our goal and interest is peace, and we need to work together on this goal. I hope that there will be positive progress in resolving the key issues in the coming period, and I honestly think that the dialogue will be given a chance, " said Minister Jevtic at a meeting with OSCE officials.
Regarding the return of displaced persons, the Minister noted that in  some municipalities in Kosovo, returnees can not even visit their properties, houses. Also, in this whole process, there is a big problem of  usurped property, the minister said, stressing that if this problem is not taken into consideration seriously, we will not have any serious moves in terms of return.
"There are not sufficient  the words we have been listening for two decades, but we need mechanisms that will make the institutions do their job when it comes to human rights in Kosovo. I think the latest State Department report has made it very clear to the problems. Now the question is when and how institutions in Kosovo will begin to solve them, "Jevtic pointed out.
Mr. Lamberto Zannier agreed that there are problems and that they must be resolved through dialogue at all levels between the two nations  of Kosovo. He pointed out that he would stress  the problems that Serbs in Kosovo have in the meetings he will have  with other officials and said that he thinks that greater participation of non-majority nations in institutions in Kosovo is needed.
Before meeting with Minister Jevtic, Mr. Zannier had meetings with other high  officials in Kosovo.

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