Monday, 08 April 2019 08:31

Jevtic congratulated on International Roma Day

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communities and Returns in Resignation Dalibor Jevtić congratulated the International Roma Day to members of this people with the view that the Roma still live hard today and that all institutions in Kosovo must invest much more serious work and effort in order to have a better position in society.

 "I honestly think that it is not only the World Roma Day that reminds us of the importance of creating equal conditions for education, employment, the right to treatment, the right to work and generally better quality of life for the Roma.  We need to talk about the above every day and we must be persistent in order to make something better on this plan.  In the framework of the project implemented by the MCR in the past years, 37 houses have been built for the people of this nation, while another 5 are waiting for the completion of works, they were helped in construction material and winter heating, and the most vulnerable families of Roma were assisted in food and hygiene packages.  I personally and the institution on which I lead the effort to create more favorable conditions for the members of the Roma as well as for other non-majority peoples, but it is not enough that only an individual and one institution seriously work on improving the living conditions in this case of the Roma people, but in resolving  These problems should be addressed by everyone.

Hoping that the dedicated attention to the improvement of their position will be increased, and the numerous problems that our Roma citizens have each year will be getting smaller, I will once again congratulate you the Roma Day for the sincerity, "said Minister Jevtic in congratulatory note.

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