Sunday, 21 April 2019 09:18

Jevtic Congratulates Easter to Believers Who Celebrate This Feast on the Gregorian Calendar

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communities and Return in Resignation Dalibor Jevtić congratulated Easter on all believers who celebrate this holiday on the Gregorian calendar with the wish to celebrate happiness, peace and good health.

"By rejoicing the win of life over death, I wish that the joy of Easter strengthens you. Christ's resurrection says in its unique significance that we all persevere in the affirmation of good, without losing hope in a better and happier tomorrow.

Celebrating life, prosperity and mutual understanding, one should turn to one another and share the joy of Christ's resurrection with neighbors, friends. The universal character of Easter provides every opportunity to remind ourselves of the fundamental values, because the celebration of this holiday celebrates is the proof that these values ​​are the basis, not only of faith but also of coexistence.

In the light of the resurrection, I wish you peace and to spend this holiday in love, forgiveness and harmony, "says Jevtić in his congratulations.

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