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Tuesday, 18 June 2019 13:43

Meeting with the heads of the OSCE and UNHCR in Kosovo

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communities and Returns in Resignation Dalibor Jevtic met today with the heads of the OSCE and the UNHCR mission to Kosovo, Erol Arduk and Jan Bratu.

At a meeting held in Prishtina, it was noted that other institutions, other than the Ministry of Communities and Returns, must seriously understand the call to help and make a step forward so that the return process starts to yield the desired results.

"What we want to achieve is that we have honest communication and coordination with the institutions that should help the return process and that the things we agree on are being implemented in a more efficient way," Jevtic said.

It is important that the common forces do everything to ensure that families wanting to return to Kosovo.  A practical way of solving the issue is essential to make things go in a more positive direction, it was concluded during the meeting.

Apart from the return process, the situation of Serbian and other non-majority communities in Kosovo and the exercise of their rights was also discussed.  The Minister stressed that yesterday in Petrič village near Klina, near Pec, there was an unpleasant event when the police forbade the celebration of the celebration of the celebration of the Saint Trinity also pointed out that last year there was a problem in the occasion of celebrating holidays.

"If we want success and when it comes to return and when it comes to better life of Serbs and Albanians, this and similar cases must be eliminated because we live in a period when we need to build mutual trust and understanding in a different way," the minister said.

Otherwise, the OSCE and UNHCR are extremely important partners of the Ministry of Communities and Returns and, precisely with these institutions, an initiative called "Skopje proces" was launched a few years ago, while in the future they are in the plan of initiatives that should accelerate the return process.

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