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Jevtic on the occasion of the World Refugee Day

"The World Refugee Day should not and should not be the only day when we recall all the pain and suffering that people who have against their will left all that they had acquired for years.

This should not be the only day of remembrance of those who have left their homes, their places, towns, villages ... there should not be any recollection of all those problems they have, and they have a lot of them. The obligation of the whole society is that we have to remember them every day, that we must help them to be easier and more beautiful than everyday, every day, we are working on creating better conditions for their lives, "said the deputy prime minister and minister for communities and return to resignation Dalibor Jevtic, on the occasion of marking June 20, World Refugee Day.

He pointed out that there is still a large number of people not willingly have left their homes and that the return process takes place very slowly, and that people who live in the centers of salvation and other temporary accommodation, which are largely unworthy of the ordinary man's life, do not have time to wait.

"For them, better days should come as soon as possible because 20 years is too long a waiting period. For some of them they are so long that they have lost any hope that the return to their possessions could happen. "

Jevtic expressed concern that the returning families often attacked and that these attacks just lead to their re-emigration.

"Such problems send a bad message to those who decide on the return of ... and not only that, the usurped property, the bad economic situation in returnee communities, the desire to visit their sanctuaries by the displaced is still negatively received today. All this brings us back a few steps back in the intention we are trying to realize. "

He told them that as long as he was the Minister of Communities and Returns, he would not give up on the intention of anyone who wants to return this and allow it because it is the only acceptable solution and invited other colleagues to help in this.

"We will invest all our efforts to provide you with a return, because the right to return and free life is the basic right of all and we will fight for it. Please do not sell the property and you will be persistent to return, because we will only succeed in this manner if the occupied and the stolen is yours again. "Concluded Minister Jevtic.