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Wednesday, 26 June 2019 12:46

Conference "Twenty Years of Leading Principles on Internal Displacement"

"The fact is that twenty years have passed and in the aftermath of twenty years and still we are looking for a way to complete this process, it speaks enough about not doing enough on this issue.

If we know that there are still a large number of those who are displaced and out of their homes, if we know that there are communities in Kosovo where displaced people can not return, then we know that we have a lot to do all together in order to solve this issue better and better way, "said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communities and Returns in Resignation Dalibor Jevtic at the conference" Twenty Years of Leading Principles on Internal Displacement ", held today in Pristina.

Jevtic pointed out that practice has shown that often it is not applied what is agreed upon when it comes to the return process and that the implementation of existing laws and agreed processes would be the key to success when it comes to this process.

"Today, I will say that the biggest problem in the process of returning and resolving the issue of IDPs is the issue of property. This issue is one of the major obstacles in the way of the return of displaced persons, and this issue is not only a matter of returns, but also basic human rights, "the minister stressed, adding that the obligation of all institutions and society in Kosovo is to be resolved far better.

Jevtic informed the participants of the conference that more initiatives were launched regarding the return, which was especially emphasized by the "Skopje process", in order to initiate this initiative in resolving certain problems whose resolution requires engagement at the regional level.

"Through the "Skopje process" we have adopted and some of them have been implemented, some of them remained unmet and in that sense we were not able to fully implement them."

Jevtic expressed the expectation that all collective centers will be closed in Kosovo, and as the beginning of the successful realization of this project he pointed out the closure of collective centers in the municipality of Strpce. He took the opportunity to thank the European Union Office in Kosovo, DRC and IOM for helping to realize not only this already very successful RRK 5 project.

At today's conference, the Minister emphasized that the initiative will be launched in the next period, similar initiatives of the "Regional Refugee Care Program from the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina", in order to more effectively resolve the issue of return.

Representatives of international organizations and embassies in Kosovo - UNHCR, UNDP, IOM, DRC, OSCE, Embassy of Great Britain, Italy and Sweden, as well as representatives of local self-governments were addressed at the conference. In the main part of the discussion, the opportunity for internally displaced persons to be recruited. On this occasion, they presented the facts of their difficult position, life in inhuman conditions and the inability to return to their homes.

The conference was organized with the assistance and initiative of UNDP, UNHCR and IOM, with the support of the Ministry of Communities and Returns.

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