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Announcement on the occasion of the Steering Committee of the RRK 5 project approving the construction of the 25th returnee house, which is the 108th house in 2019 in total

At the Steering Committee of the RRK 5 project (Return and Reintegration Project), held at the Ministry of Communities and Returns and attended by representatives of this institution, representatives of the European Union Office in Kosovo, International Organization for Migration (IOM), which will implement the project and UNHCR representatives, has approved the construction of 25 houses for displaced persons, which is a total of 108 houses for returnees in 2019.  The houses are intended for Serbs, Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians a construction will be implemented in the municipalities of Peja, Obilic, Orahovac, Strpce, Gjakova and Klina.

MCR Secretary General Nenad Stojcetovic emphasizing the importance of the PRK 5 / RRK 5 project, said that the policy of the Ministry of Communities and Returns, Minister Dalibor Jevtic and the Serb List, a policy that promises to fulfill, is a policy that is practically combated  for the survival of Serbs and other non-minor peoples in Kosovo and a policy based on helping every Serbian family in any part of Kosovo.

 "The Ministry of Communities will continue to help not only in the way houses are built, but also in various ways, because our vision and mission is to improve the lives of our people in Kosovo.  We will help those who need our help, ”Stojcetovic emphasized

 Representatives of the European Union Office in Kosovo, the International Organization for Migration and the UNHCR thanked the Ministry and Minister Jevtic for the effort he is making for the benefit of his people.

Otherwise, this year's RRK5 project will build more houses than planned.

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